For his first steps into the future.

A great tool to make your children learn the importance of technology.

Many people rightly claim that a child at the age of 4 is already capable to use a tablet or a smartphone. Therefore a radically essential mobile device might look like an inadequate solution compared to these inborn skills. But before making any judgment, we should ask ourselves: “Who owns the tablet used by a 4 years old child, while playing, most of the time supervised by a parent?” In most cases, it belongs to the parent himself, and the reason is simple. Because of its complexity, a mobile device gives not only access to a huge number of services, but it is also a window on the world, offering every time new solicitation and, certainly, possible threats.

The children of today grow up in a world which is completely different from ours. Mobile communication in the last 20 years has become a common factor. Smart phones bloomed about 8 years ago. Our children were born in this peculiar world, growing in a way that is far different from ours. This is why there is need for devices designed to introduce and educate to mobile communication, teaching the basics.

As for grammar’s basics are necessary to deeply comprehend the multiple shades of speech, it happens to technology. bPhone U-10’s intention is to be a useful tool for parents; a device that gradually introduces a child to the use of mobile communication. Due to its limitations, it gives to a child the opportunity to interact (autonomously) with a small but safe community of people; the same device becomes an actual property of the child.

We believe that beyond a technological product, there is not only technology. Above all, there is the impact able to influence behaviors. Consequently, we should not develop products that offer several functionality only because they are technically available. Our productions should rather arise from a responsible thought that produces a careful consideration on real-life scenarios, on new services opportunities but also on the outcome that our realizations unavoidable provoke.