Safe for Your Children.

For your peace of mind. Even when you're away from home.

When you think about kids and their interaction with any object, every parent well knows that it's a total experience. It doesn't matter what the product is made for: they'll do anything with it! They will chew it; Even bite it! They will throw it all over the place and probably even step on it. That is why bPhone U-10 was tested and certified under the highest standards. However, that was not enough.

All the materials used for bPhone U-10 are anti-allergic, with no trace of latex, which means being suitable for all kind of skin. Our bPhone U-10+ has even an anti-microbic finishing, which made it the first mobile device ever to be sold in pharmacies! Not to mention the safety lock for the back cover (openable using a simple coin) that prevents access to the battery slot for smaller children.

bPhone U-10 is certified and it is fully compliant with regulations concerning products to be used by children aged +3 years and above.

Finally, yet very important, bPhone U-10’s SAR certifications proves that the product’s electromagnetic radiation value is four times below the permitted value. In plain words, your bPhone U-10 is one of the safest electronic devices your child could ever interact with.

We like to say that bPhone U-10 is child’s first safety mobile phone. The possibility to call your child anytime, knowing that he holds a device with a battery that lasts 8 times more than similar products is already a happy thought. Nevertheless, knowing also that with a simple SMS you are able anytime to know where your child is, that is real peace of mind. Thanks to a combination of GPS and GSM Technology, You will always know where your child exactly is.